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Monit 是用于對系統中的進程、文件、目錄、以及設備等進行監視和管理的工具。Monit 包含一個內嵌的 HTTP(S) Web 界面,你可以使用瀏覽器方便地查看 Monit 所監視的服務器。



What is MIDAS?

MIDAS is a cross platform Monitoring and NIDS server. The goal of this project is to build a robust and complete network/system monitoring suite that is capable of scaling to very large networks.

    MIDAS Features:

  • Fully centralized Configuration. Minimal Client configuration required.
  • The ability to assign any check to any client or multiple clients.
  • Clients ability to fail over to multiple servers.
  • Support a wide range of checks built in : TCP/UDP port, SNMP OID's, CPU, RAM, Logs, MD5 file check, Processes and External applications (Ie plugins).
  • Built in RRD graphing support. The ability to graph almost anything that a check returns (Ie SNMP, CPU, Logs, MD5, etc).
  • Fully support Netsaint/Nagios plugins.
  • Fully Support Big Brother Clients.
  • Optimized Snort NIDS Support. MIDAS does not rely on the built in DB support of Snort. Instead it uses the raw output of the application, stores packet information localy and only sends to the server the specific packet information when an alert occurs. This greatly reduces the overhead of using Snort.


JFFNMS – Just For Fun Network Management and Monitoring System

Section Title
JFFNMS is a Network Management and Monitoring System designed to monitor a IP SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs+ Network. It can be used to monitor any standards compilant SNMP device, Server, Router, TCP port or anything you want, if you write a custom poller, we also provide some Cisco focused features.

Section Title
  • Written in PHP (Works on Linux, FreeBSD and Win2K/XP)
  • Status Map, gives you a quick look of your network
  • Events Console, shows all kinds of events in the same time-ordered display
  • Performance Graphs for everything, Interface Traffic, Errors, CPU Usage, etc.
  • Database Backend (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • Integrated Syslog Logging and Tacacs+ Authentication and Accounting
  • Free, licensed under the GPL
  • More Features


Network MonitorNagios是在GPL架構下開放原始碼的網路監控應用程式,從網站的使用程度到機房的溫度,從程式狀態到計算印表機的墨水量,可說是無一不包。 Nagios會這麼神奇,是因為它是一個模組化平台,可以客製化監控任何網路上的事物。現在Nagios出了2.0版,比過去的1.2版又多出更多實用的用途,身為MIS的你,如果不想再被Help Desk的電話吵個不停,可千萬別錯過Nagios 2.0!

如果你想詳細了解Nagios2.0,請參考linux magazineNagios 2.0


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