CDN - Incapsula - network status

  • 各地資料中心是 UP 的
  • 事件公告,可能是中斷等
  • 維護公告等


We have launched a new public system status page to help you track data center health and software updates across our global network of data centers. This system replaces our previous native notification service, providing you with real-time, in-depth insight into the entire Incapsula network.

Our new status page and the notification service it powers, offers you centralized updates on:

  • System Status – You’ll be able to check the connectivity of all parts of Incapsula’s infrastructure including the management console, our API, and all of our data centers.
  • Outages and Incidents – We’ll post updates on any incidents we experience that might impact your service.
  • Patching and Maintenance – Curious if we’ve patched against the newest mega vulnerability, or when our maintenance activities are underway? Look no further!

To view our new status page, please visit If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

The Incapsula Team

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