libmysql.c:1329: warning: passing arg 5 of `gethostbyname_r' from
incompatible pointer type
libmysql.c:1329: too few arguments to function `gethostbyname_r'
libmysql.c:1329: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer
without a cast
make[2]: *** [libmysql.lo] Error 1

By default, the configure script attempts to determine the correct number of arguments by using g++ the GNU C++ compiler. This test yields wrong results if g++ is not installed. There are two ways to work around this problem:

* Make sure that the GNU C++ g++ is installed. On some Linux distributions, the required package is called gpp; on others, it is named gcc-c++.
* Use gcc as your C++ compiler by setting the CXX environment variable to gcc:

export CXX="gcc"

Please note that you need to run configure again afterward.

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