smbfax – print to a faxmodem on your Samba server via Hylafax without the need for any client-side software at all (other than a PostScript printer driver)

Sofware You Need

What it does

  • Allows users to “print” a document to a network printer. The Samba server then sends the document to smbfax, which prepares it and sends an e-mail to the owner inviting her to complete the fax via a web interface. The user then clicks on the provided link, fills in the fax information (recipient, comment, coverpage options, etc.) and clicks on the “send” button.
  • Allows users to manage the send (outgoing) fax queue using the standard Windows method of managing print jobs (you can even select your own jobs and kill them with the delete key)
  • You *don’t* need to install any client software at all; no need to upgrade WINSOCK.DLL to the latest version or have some systray app running to intercept print jobs. You don’t have to use any special drag-and-drop software or e-mail/web gateways with confusing attachments.
  • We’ve been running it for a (little) while here without any problems, it works just great;
  • It’s as easy as Print => Check Email
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