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MySQL 資料庫名稱千萬不要用 test 及 test_XXX

MySQL 資料庫名稱千萬不要用 test 及 test_XXX Posted on 2018 年 08 月 10 日Leave a comment

這是真實案例,到今天為止,還是有人會把 MySQL 資料庫名稱設成 test 或 test_XXX,

你這樣設,在自己的私人主機裡 OK,但是呢,

假如你是在共享主機 / 虛擬主機 (shared hosting / virtual hosting),

你就真得會跟別人共享你的資料,你瀏覽 phpMyAdmin 時是可以看到 test 或 test_XXX 的資料庫內容的,不管擁有者是不是你。

The test database is installed by the MySQL Server RPM as part of the mysql_install_dbprocess, and some other package managers run that script too. If you run that script as part of a manual install of MySQL, you’ll get the same effect. It creates the database by creating an empty directory called “test” in the data directory, and creates wide-open access to the database test and any database with a name beginning with test_ by inserting a couple of rows into the mysql.db table that give everyone full access to create or use those databases.


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