CentOS 7.0.1406 Release Notes

1406 是 2014 年 6 月

5. Major Changes

As with every first major Release most of the packages have changed and have been updated to more recent versions. It would exceed the scope of this document to list them all. Most notable changes are:

  • Kernel updated to 3.10.0
  • Support for Linux Containers
  • Open VMware Tools and 3D graphics drivers out of the box
  • OpenJDK-7 as default JDK
  • In Place Upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0 (as already mentioned)
  • LVM-snapshots with ext4 and XFS
  • Switch to systemd, firewalld and GRUB2
  • XFS as default file system
  • iSCSI and FCoE in kernel space
  • Support for PTPv2
  • Support for 40G Ethernet Cards
  • Supports installations in UEFI Secure Boot mode on compatible hardware

More information can be found here or here.

ISO 檔各是什麼內容

List of images in this directory

  This DVD image contains all the packages that can be installed using the
  installer. This is the recommended image for most users.

  This is the network install and rescue image. The installer will ask from 
  where it should fetch the packages to be installed. This image is most 
  useful if you have a local mirror of CentOS packages.

  This image contains the complete set of packages for CentOS 7. It can be 
  used for installing or populating a local mirror. This image needs a dual 
  layer DVD or an 8GB USB flash drive.

  These images are Live images of CentOS 7. Depending on the name they use the
  respective display manager. They are designed for testing purposes and
  exploring the CentOS 7 environment. They will not modify the content of your 
  hard disk, unless you choose to install CentOS 7 from within the Live
  environment. Please be advised that you can not change the set of installed
  packages in this case. This needs to be done within the installed system
  using 'yum'.

  This is like the GnomeLive image mentioned above, but without packages such
  as libreoffice. This image is small enough to be burned on a CD.
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